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Getting along with Roommates in Residence

Living with a roommate can be both fun and challenging. On one hand, roommates can be friends and partners to share the new experiences of university life. On the other hand, as each resident comes to university with a different background and expectation, it can be difficult to find a balance. As such, it is important to remember that conflict is natural and normal in residence. The key to a harmonious roommate experience is mutual respect, understanding, and compromise with the rules and boundaries of residence.

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Roomate Tips

Create a strong foundation

Establish a mutually understood set of rules and boundaries for roommates so that everyone is on the same page. Use the residence handbook as a guideline for general residence rules as well as communicating individual issues and requests. Even for roommates that are already friends, compromise is necessary as all individuals have their own preferred style of living. Taking the time to understand roommate expectations can help keep order for the school year.

Share experiences

Though it is not required for roommates to be friends, forming a bond helps to make living together more comfortable. Try participating in residence life activities together. Sharing these experiences can give great memories and form connections.

Residence workers

When issues arise that roommates cannot resolve amongst themselves, it may be necessary to involve a residence worker such as a residence assistant to mediate the situation.

Room changes

Room changes should be considered a last resort. Switching rooms once the semester has begun is discouraged and often limited be the availability of rooms and the willingness of other residents to switch rooms.

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