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What are the Benefits of Living on Campus?

Attending university in Canada is a great way to further knowledge, career goals, and income potential. While educational objectives can certainly be met off-campus, living in residence contributes a number of additional benefits to enhance the university experience by providing convenient, cost effective community.

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Studying at university can be challenging and take a lot of time and dedication. Living on residence helps to reduce student stress as everything a student needs is nearby. Being close to class, the library, recreation, community events, personal resources (i.e. laundry), and dining facilities keeps student life simple.

While renting off-campus might require yearlong leases, most residences offer the convenience and mobility of shorter semester and school year leases.

Cost effective

Living away from the family home can be expensive. Residences can ease this transition by providing low cost living in comparison to rent. Most residences are already furnished, reducing the cost of moving away from home. Also, because residences tend to bundle accommodation, utilities, and meal plans into one set cost, students are able to budget and plan for their expenses with certainty.

Many residences allow students to purchase meal plans. Meal plans help keep food costs down by providing a set cost of food for the semester. Most campus meal plans are very affordable in comparison to restaurant eating and many schools offer options of different plans depending on how much an individual eats for greater flexibility.


One priceless benefit of living on campus is the community that it provides. Living in residence allows you to share your experiences and frustrations with friends and other students. Being in a student-based environment, there are many opportunities to participate in residence life community events. Also, academic support is readily available among peers and on campus.

Residence resources

Residence living provides students with access to residence workers and senior students. Residence workers help students to manage student life, facilitate activities, and handle student issues.

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