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Although every residence is unique, there are some general guidelines to be familiar with when moving into residence for the first time.

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Residence Tips

What to know

Most residences provide a residence handbook or guidebook (many guidebooks are online at university websites for reference). These books are valuable sources of information that will make your move and stay in residence easier. Read through your guidebook and acquaint yourself with residence policies.

If you are moving into a furnished residence, you do not need to bring any furniture. It is a good idea to check your residence handbook- some residence do not allow any additional furnishing to be brought into residence while other may allow mini-refrigerators and other small furnishings. Even if your residence is unfurnished and you are supplying your own furniture, it is still a good idea to check if there are guidelines as to what furnishings are allowed.

Also, consider arrangements for communication. Most residences come equipped with local telephone service but you may need to facilitate cable and Internet service for your room. In addition, determine your new mailing address and update those who send you mail.

What to bring
Regardless of furnishing, students should consider bring these items to residence for their convenience:

  • Alarm clock
  • Decorations and photos (check residence guide for standards)
  • Linens and pillow
  • Hangers (if closet is available)
  • Laundry bag and supplies
  • Toiletries and washroom supplies
  • Storage containers and boxes
  • Books, movies
  • School supplies
  • Personal stereos and headphones

What not to bring
In general, these items are not permitted on residence and should be left behind:

  • Alcohol
  • Illegal drugs
  • Weapons
  • Hotplates and small cooking appliances (some residences allow microwaves- check your guide)
  • Candles and open flames, fireworks, halogen lamps, sunlamps
  • Pets
  • Sub-woofers

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