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Canadian University Residence Directory

Canadian University residences offer a variety of unique housing options for students. To evaluate university residences in Canada, the Canadian Residences Directory collects and compares on-campus housing programs and residence information by university, province and city. This directory allows students to easily contrast various university residence options.

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Canadian University Residences by Province

General campus housing information

The compilation of residences provides residence information for each university that offers on-campus housing in Canada. General residence information includes the residence website, contact and mailing address information, and residence application link. For schools with more than one campus, separate information is supplied for each campus as available.

Residence building information

In addition to general residence information, the compilation of residences provides details for each residence building including the style of the residence building, number of rooms, number of students, and descriptions of the rooms offered.

Student information

Each residence building has criteria to determine which students can live within. The compilation compares student data including residence gender, type of student (undergraduate, graduate, or professional), and single or family housing.


The compilation of residences also details the furnishings and amenities provided for each residence. The spreadsheet contains the amenities of rooms and units, services offered for the residence building and community, and meal plan availability for residents.

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